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Aptitude Testing can provide a unique insight into an individual's talents, as they measure one's characteristics and ability to acquire additional skills. Aptitude testing can help pinpoint where one's strengths lie.

The work that an individual is most likely to enjoy and be successful in is work that best matches his or her aptitudes. Certain occupations will be a better fit than others, and if one works in a field that doesn’t match his or her natural abilities, he or shemay find their work unrewarding, unchallenging, difficult or unpleasant.

While no guarantee of success or happiness, aptitude tests can be an extraordinarily useful tool in narrowing down your best career choices. The key objective of a career aptitude test is to help you understand your own natural or acquired abilities and identify the career choices that best match your aptitudes.

If there is not a VocRehab Consultant in your area to perform testing, we will mail the tests to you for completion. After completing the test, we ask that you mail the test to us, and we generate an aptitude test report based on your results. This report, which will include the results, interpretation, and recommendations, will be sent to you. After reviewing the report, if you should have any further questions about your results, a VocRehab Consultant is available to discuss them with you.

Learning Disability Testing is crucial for the diagnosis of all types of learning disabilities. A learning disability is diagnosed when a specific ability, such as reading, is significantly lower than a person's general ability, usually measured by an IQ test. Testing can also be used to diagnose or rule out attention deficit disorders. A continuous performance test, performance on certain IQ subtests, and teacher and/or parent reports can be combined to make a definitive and accurate diagnosis.

A person with a learning disability may experience a cycle of academic failure and lowered self-esteem, which can result in overwhelming frustration to the individual and his or her family members. However, it is important to remember that a person with a learning disability can learn. The disability usually only affects certain limited areas of a child's development. In fact, rarely are learning disabilities severe enough to impair a person's potential to live a happy, normal life

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