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Vocational Evaluation is a comprehensive, systematic process in which clients and staff work together to identify and assess the client's vocational interests, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, aptitudes and functional limitations relative to the client's preferred rehabilitation goal or employment outcome.

Our Vocational Evaluations include:

Basic Vocational Evaluation - typically includes aptitude, achievement, interest, and intelligence testing

Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation - includes above plus personality, and may involve more specific testing(e.g., college and career planning- ability to succeed in work and/or college environment)

At VocRehab Consulting, our specialists tailor each vocational evaluation to the needs of each individual. Tests performed vary and are based on a variety of factors including: an individual’s disability, current limitations, strengths, and interests.

If there is not a VocRehab Consultant in your area to perform testing, we will mail the tests to you for completion. After completing the test, we ask that you mail the tests to us, and we generate a vocational evaluation report based on your results. This report, which will include the results, interpretation, and vocational recommendations, will be sent to you. After reviewing the report, if you should have any further questions about your results, a VocRehab Consultant is available to discuss them with you.

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